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Is Your Conservatory TOO COLD in Winter ?

Is Your Conservatory TOO HOT In Summer ?

Do You Wish You Had Installed A Sunroom ?

Do you have a conservatory but regret not building a sunroom with a fully insulated and tiled roof?

Do you find your old conservatory is very cold in winter and incredibly warm in summer?

This is a common problem and with the price of energy increasing it is difficult to justify spending money on heating or cooling a room that is so badly insulated.


In the past, converting a conservatory roof to a sunroom was a major construction job - requiring the removal of the conservatory roof, windows, the installation of steel supports and the addition of a full sunroom roof. Not today. The Conservatory Converters specialise in conservatory conversions in Scotland using a revolutionary and unique new light-weight tiled roofing system, we can simply and afford ably insulate and tile your existing conservatory roof, giving you a much more efficient living environment.


To date The Conservatory Converters have completed over 400 conservatory conversions in Scotland within all the regions Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, The Borders, Ayrshire, Newcastle, Cumbria, North East England, Teesside.

You can be rest assured your conservatory roof conversion will be in the best hands with The Conservatory Converters from initial survey and installation to our after sales service.


The Conservatory Converters high spec conservatory roof conversion insulation system can be installed to transform your conservatory into a fully functional room to your home that can be used in comfort 365 days of the year.


With no removal of your existing conservatory roof we keep the same vaulted profile of your conservatory but with the benefits of a traditional roof by installing our high spec 38mm light weight composite insulation system, combining 19 layers of reflective materials, with test studies showing it to be equivalent to 270mm of mineral wool insulation delivering stunning results.          




Conservatory Conversions Scotland, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow

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